Tokkara Living has a curated collection of selected designer furniture and accessories to suit diverse lifestyles. Their style is eclectic, blending the old with the new, balancing traditional with contemporary styles with the intention to create a luxurious yet relaxed environment.

Our furniture and accessories are sophisticated yet playful and innovative, made to stand the test of time and changing trends. Organic materials as sculptured by mother nature are used for our furniture and objet d’art resulting in each piece holding a unique natural fingerprint.

Figuring out what works in home décor can certainly be overwhelming. That is why we will be covering various design styles popular in modern homes today, during the next few months, starting with the mid-century modern style.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-1900’s produced some of the most iconic furniture pieces in modern design. It is characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes. Pure lines with gentle angles give a light, open and uncluttered feel to any space. Mixing in elements from other design styles will keep your home looking fresh and on trend. Tokkara Living offers a collection of curated pieces complementing this aesthetic.

Our furniture pieces are inspired by mid-19 century design masters and certainly creates a statement about the owner’s sophisticated sense of style. Manufactured from 100% FSC certified reclaimed woods, reducing our carbon footprint and weighing light on our conscience.