Using earth’s resources and bringing nature into our homes is a fashionable yet modest, warm and plush trend these days. We love the look and feel of the organic modern trend in interior spaces and today we take a closer look at what Tokkara Living (Interiors Centurion) has to offer to help us embrace this style in our own homes.

An organic modern interior style blends the clean lines of modern design with the warmth and ease of organic and natural elements, creating a tranquil and inviting space.

Organic modernism celebrates organic shapes. Not everything needs to employ the sharp lines and austerity of industrial-chic, the style allows for curves and irregularities suggesting natural forms.

Exposed bricks, raw concrete, natural wood and stone are some of the most important features of this style. Show-off a stone wall, expose wooden beams, a recycled wood wall or a stone fireplace. The aesthetic eschews synthetic materials and colours.

An abundance of natural light is a distinctive and decisive feature of this aesthetic. Big windows will satisfy both the organic interiors and modern sensibilities. Combining whites and light natural tones with wood or stone creates an open, natural and organic feel. Modern organic interiors places emphasis on texture. The use of high-pile rugs, rag rugs and sheepskins are particular popular.

The philosophy of organic modernism is tied to intentional living and connectivity. To embrace a modern organic aesthetic is to say that you can live in an internet-connected world but still affirm meaningful, real-life interaction. You can contact our Interiors Sandton area or visit our shop to view our beautiful collection!