This honey-glazed metal has been celebrated and adored for centuries and this season, at Tokkara Living, gold is still undoubtedly the colour of the season. In fact, gold is the new bold and here we share some creative ways to bring this tone into your own spaces.

As a stand-alone colour, or paired with another tone, gold is always a winner. Black and gold are two of the colour spectrum’s most timeless, versatile and luxurious hues. The duo acts as the perfect colour partners to introduce drama, depth and opulence. This winning combination can easily elevate your living spaces from dull into exceptional – oozing luxury and refinement throughout your home.

A combination of rich, warm and glamorous gold with midnight black creates the most glorious elegance and gives an exciting edge to any interior space. Add these tones to your room through clever accent pieces and the finer details of soft furnishings and accessories. You will not be disappointed!

Using complementary shades of black and gold in furniture, accessories or soft finishing is an interior trend that epitomises opulence. A touch of gold in a room will instantly lift its aesthetics.

Golds and shiny brass warm up a space and reflective surfaces like marble bounces light around the space. Using well-chosen pieces as accents create a glamorous and affluent look. Unique pieces of wall art paired with gold mirrors and black lamp shades will create a warm, soft and elegant glow in any interior space.

Take the opportunity to shine with these exquisite offerings now in store at Tokkara Living.